Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1970
  • Komt uit: Duitsland
  • Oprichter: Alexander Pietschman


NB: The OLIEBE distributor does not allow us to sell the products in the webshop. If you are interested in OLIEBE products, please contact us with us.

OLIEBE® was originally a brand for vegetable hair coloring for the professional hairdressing market. And in forty years it has become the most important European player in this field. A hair care line was added to the range in 2006. And is available at INDISHA. With only high-quality ingredients. Where possible from controlled organic farming. Without synthetic preservatives. Do you want to have your hair colored with OLIEBE? Then you can go to one of the professional OLIEBE hair salons . For home coloring, INDISHA has the 100% vegetable KHADI hair coloring.

How pure is the line?
The demands placed on OLIEBE® products are high: functional, durable and of salon quality. As far as possible, ingredients come from controlled organic farming. The products from the hair care line do not contain synthetic preservatives. OLIEBE continuously strives to make a responsible product that is as sustainable as possible. With exceptional quality. In order not to burden the environment, the professionals who work with OLIEBE and the consumer, now and in the future. The OLIEBE® care line products are in ecological PET bottles. These are much more environmentally friendly than the usual packaging for hair care products. The transport of OLIEBE® products is CO2 neutral.

What makes OLIEBE® products special?
The OLIEBE® line has been developed and marketed by a top hairdresser; Alexander Pietschmann.
He knows the needs of a hairdressing salon and its customers like no other. And know what is needed for healthy hair. Alexander Pietschmann is a pioneer of pure hair coloring and hair care products in Europe. Because he couldn't find a really pure (hairdressing) brand of top quality from his profession, he developed OLIEBE.

The OLIEBE® hair care line is so far the purest, effective line we have been able to find. Without synthetic preservatives or unnatural foaming agents that irritate your (scalp) skin. The products improve the condition of your hair. If you combine OLIEBE hair care with vegetable coloring (in an OLIEBE salon or at home with Indus Valley, for example), you will notice that your hair structure and the condition of your scalp improve.

More about Alexander Pietschmann
Alexander was the first hairdresser in central Europe to work ecologically.

Other interesting facts
The OLIEBE shampoos are highly concentrated. A 200 ml bottle is equivalent to 1 to 2 liters of shampoo. When you buy a shampoo you get a special mixing bottle to mix shampoo with water and make it foam before applying it to your hair.

Note : The OLIEBE hair care products are made for healthy hair. The products can be used on hair that has been damaged by synthetic products/chemical coloring. This can improve your hair. There is a chance that the result will not be optimal. If this is the case, try to improve your hair first and then use the products again.