Julia Otilia Jewelry

Consciously created refined jewelry, inspired by nature. Julia's great source of inspiration. Jewelery made from natural, sustainable materials. Designed by Julia. And with love and care, handmade by a small specialized workshop in Bali. fairtrade.

How pure are Julia's jewelry?
Refined and very pure! All materials used are chosen very consciously. The basis of most jewelry is recycled sterling silver, partly gold plated. In addition, original natural materials are used such as natural pearls from small family businesses that Julie met during her wanderings, carefully selected seeds and nuts from the Himalayas and certified wood from Indonesia.

All jewelry is made fair trade by a small specialized workshop in Bali. By wearing Julia's jewelry you support talented local craftsmen and their families with housing and training. Part of the final 'assembly' is done in the Netherlands. In this way, the entire production chain is transparent and pure.

Julia's designs are timeless. Intended to be worn for years. New collections are created by inspiration. Not because a new collection has to be released every season.

For every order we place with Julia, a tree is planted in the Amazon jungle - to prevent deforestation.

What makes Julia's jewelry special?
The combination of refined designs inspired by nature, minimalist Scandinavian design, consciously chosen sustainable materials, fair production.

Julia: " Because only by doing good can we feel the feathery softness in our hearts. And see not only the beauty around us, but also our own inner beauty."

Julia believes that if you do what your heart tells you, you can grasp and appreciate the subtle gifts life gives you. Her passion is to capture the finest details of nature in her jewelry. The silence of a mirror-smooth lake. The swirling dance of a falling leaf. Or the softness of a budding flower. The foundation for this was laid during her childhood in Sweden, where Julia spent hours in the pristine beauty of forests and islands. This is reflected in all her designs: minimalistic Scandinavian design, in which the beauty of untouched nature is 'captured'.

More about Julia
Julia was born in Sweden, has traveled extensively and now lives in the Netherlands.