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  • Bestaat sinds: 2015
  • Komt uit: USA
  • Oprichters: Meryl & Craig Marshall

Hynt Beauty

Luxury Designed By Nature. A beautiful cosmetics line with state-of-the-art natural formulas. Better than 'just natural' and 'just mineral' and purer than regular luxurious make-up brands. Free from carcinogenic or other questionable substances. Hynt strives for 'best practice' in the field of environment and ethics. So that you can apply your make-up every day with a good feeling.

Originated from co-founder Meryl Marshall's search - after she had breast cancer - for make-up and skin care that she could be sure was safe, non-irritating and not carcinogenic. To her disappointment, the pure lines lacked an aesthetic touch: no luxurious textures, rich pigments and beautiful packaging. Meryl decided to design her own line, with state-of-the-art natural formulas and a luxurious look.

How pure is the line?

Pure! Without questionable ingredients for the skin or the environment. No parabens, nano-particles, petrochemical ingredients, synthetic preservatives, skin-irritating bismuth oxychloride. Certified vegan (except the mascara - with beeswax and shellac). Trustworthy! Committed to being an honest, transparent and trustworthy brand. Where users can assume that what they buy is really safe. As many organic certified ingredients and ingredients from unspoiled nature as possible. Obviously not tested on animals. All Hynt brushes are vegan. Made from 100% Japanese Teclon bristles of the best quality.

What makes Hynt products special?

  • The combination of traditionally made, pure, effective and a beautiful appearance. When I (Jeanine) was sent a sample set, I was sold after using it. For me, the best pure concealer I have used so far, the finest powder brush - with the flat brush, a serum whose effect I immediately felt and packaging that made me happy.
  • To be chosen as an ingredient in a Hynt product, the ingredient must exceed the high standards of the Hynt product checklist: high quality, organic basis, good for the skin, effective, eco-conscious, not tested on animals, not irritating even to the skin. most sensitive skin.
  • The direct involvement and knowledge of creator and co-founder Meryl. In combination with honesty and transparency. Meryl is truly dedicated to developing the best, most beautiful, purest products. Contact with her is direct. Answers to ingredient questions are given quickly and adequately. They regularly call me 'a walking encyclopedia' when it comes to ingredient knowledge. With Meryl I have an equal next to me.

More about Meryl Marshall
Meryl Marshall Hynt Beauty Meryl's career started as a successful gemologist in NYC. Her first husband also worked in NYC and died in the 9/11 attacks. Meryl was left behind with her son. Growing up in Brooklyn, her parents had taught her to be strong and resilient. With the help of her brother and her parents, she got through the difficult time after her husband's death. A few years later she met her second husband Craig Marshall. Six months after her marriage to Craig, Meryl was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She underwent an aggressive course of treatment. And has been cancer-free since 2005.

Other interesting facts

  • The products contain antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins and/or phyto-nutrients that care for and improve the skin.
  • From her own experience as a working woman with a family, Meryl is convinced that the daily make-up & skin care routine can be simpler. Hynt's products are an answer to this. Being revolutionary in terms of texture, ingredients and use. Examples are multifunctional concealer and powder foundation. And by providing practical advice and instructions for women regardless of age, skin type and ethnicity (INDISHA strives to pass this on as much as possible).
  • Hynt closely follows the latest trends in cosmetics and visits or participates in relevant fashion and trade fairs. This gives her insight into the latest insights, tips and techniques.
  • High-quality vegan brushes can compete with brushes made of animal hair with the current technology of synthetic 'hairs'. They are more hygienic than animal brushes, because they attract less 'dirt', are super soft and of high quality in use.

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