How do I improve my dry autumn-winter skin?

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Do you recognize it? In autumn and winter your skin feels (much) drier than in the rest of the year. Read how this is done in this blog. And what you can do about it.

Why is your skin drier in autumn & winter?

In winter, the humidity is lower both inside and outside. As a result, your skin dries out faster - the oily protective layer of your skin shrinks, causing you to lose moisture faster. First of all those of your face and your hands. Because these are not covered by clothing.

Cold temperatures and wind also lend a helping hand; at lower temperatures, your sebaceous glands are less productive.

As you get older, your skin will naturally become drier - without the need for autumn or winter. This is due to changes in your hormone balance. During the menopause, estrogen decreases in women, so that you produce less protective skin fats, which results in drier skin. In combination with drying autumn-winter factors, this is the recipe for extra dry, tight skin.

Skin barrier function

Protect your skin from within

To improve your skin's protective layer or prevent it from deteriorating, it is essential that you (also) nourish your skin from the inside. Not only in autumn and winter, but all year round. This way your skin gets the right building materials to protect itself. The better your protective layer, the less moisture you lose. How can you do this?

  • Eat enough healthy (including omega 3 rich) fats. These help to improve the protective layer of your skin.
  • For example, add a dash of extra virgin olive oil to your vegetables. Spread coconut oil on your bread. Regularly eat oily fish such as mackerel, herring or sardines. Or walnuts and linseed as vegetable sources of omega 3.
  • The first advice we give for dry skin is to use a fish or krill oil supplement aimed at skin improvement. In this way, the protective layer of fat of your skin is replenished from the inside. With the skin scans we do, we always see super nice improvements of the skin barrier.
  • For example SkinBalance from LaVieSage has been specially developed to improve the barrier function of your skin. Your skin becomes softer and smoother. The combination offers very dry flaky skin SkinHydrate + Epidermoil of LaVieSage outcome.
  • Make sure you get enough vitamin B. This helps your skin retain moisture. Seaweed, nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, egg yolks, fish, poultry, meat are good vitamin B sources.
  • Eat enough proteins, they help your skin retain moisture.
  • Cut back on coffee, alcohol, theine rich tea - these dry out your skin.
  • Everyone has stress - try to deal with it properly - stress destroys good intestinal bacteria - which can make your skin drier. Yoga, mindfulness, Chi Neng, meditation, forest walk ...
  • Do you breathe deeply in and out through your belly? If not, give it a try - it also helps with dry skin! This promotes good blood flow and therefore oxygen, moisture and minerals supply to your cells.

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Hydrate your skin from within

Drink plenty of water! 1.5-2 liters per day. Preferably at least room temperature. And preferably via 'bulk drinking', 2-3 glasses in a row, 2-3 times a day.

Why bulk drink?

Because after you drink something, your immune system goes on alert for a little while - launching a small inflammatory response. So that any contamination is undone. If you drink small amounts all day long, you cause small inflammations all day long. Which is exhausting for your immune system.

Do you find plain water boring? Add a natural flavor to your water. Or put hot water with a piece of ginger and/or turmeric in a thermos. You can also alternate water with herbal tea.

Protect your skin from the outside

  • Cleanse your skin with a nourishing natural cleanser. Let it soak in a little longer before you take it off. This way, all active substances can provide extra support for your skin.
  • Avoid cleaners that strip the protective layer of your skin. So no cleaners with foaming agents such as SLS. Or hard alcohol.
  • Choose a moisturizing care product with sufficient (vegetable) fats. And skin barrier strengthening ingredients such as ceramides, niacinamide, vitamin C or panthenol.
  • Apply a moisturizing product in the morning and evening before applying your cream. Your skin will thank you! Like the Hydrating Toner from Abloom, Liposome Ceramid from Dr Baumann (1), Hydrolate Toner from The Green Goddess of Shankaras Daily Repair Serum .
  • We have already made a lot of people happy with this tip: Apply a moisturizing mask in a thin layer under your day cream as a cure for tractory / dry skin. For example it Dr Baumann's Liposome Mask , it (wonderful smelling honey/avocado) moisturizing mask from Shankara or moisturizing mask from Dr Hauschka. A 28 days ampoule cure from dr Hauschka also helps to boost your skin.
  • Aloe Vera softens and cares for the skin. For example, Abloom products or INIKA liquid foundations do not contain water as a base, but instead contain organic aloe vera gel.
  • Use your night cream as a day cream if necessary. A night cream often contains more fats.
  • Lubricate your dry hands generously at night with a greasy cream or (coconut) oil. Put on a pair of cotton pantyhose gloves and let the cream/oil soak in.
  • Protect your hands when you go into inclement or cold winter weather. With a cream and/or gloves. In very inclement weather you can also rub your facial skin extra.
  • Avoid creams with petrochemical ingredients such as petrolatum or parrafinum liquidum. They hinder the natural functioning of your skin, which will only make it drier in the long run.

Hydrate your skin from the outside

It may sound strange, but putting water on the skin does not do much for the hydration of your skin. You better drink water for that. The water that is in many creams mainly serves to dissolve the active ingredients in a cream. And oil better absorbed by your skin.

The following ingredients in a nourishing cream provide hydration for your skin:

  • Liposome
  • urea
  • Algae/Algae
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • glycerin

Live more consciously

    • Stop smoking. Relax, move and get enough sleep. Movement keeps the blood circulation of your skin going.
    • Reduce stress; Walk in the forest, do yoga, mindfulness, chi neng, breathing exercises, clear your head by running around,... Find something that works for you.
    • t May sound strange but it is true; hot water dries out your skin. Do not shower or bath for too long. And not too hot. Max 37 degrees is better for your skin.
    • Only use body wash products that do not affect the natural acidity / protective layer of your skin. Many body wash products contain foaming agents that affect and dry out your skin.
    • Use a bath oil instead of bubble bath.
    • After a bath or shower, lubricate your skin with a nourishing oil or milk.
    • Avoid products with harmful products for the skin such as synthetic preservatives, many foaming agents, 'hard alcohol'. (ethanol, ethyl alcohol e.g.). These damage your skin barrier. 'Soft alcohol' has a soothing, moisturizing effect.
    • Do not use products containing paraffinum liquidum. This is a residual product from the petroleum industry. And puts a layer on your skin. Your skin becomes 'lazy' and loses its natural protective function. If you stop using these products, your skin will feel dry and tight. And have to rebuild protection again.
    • Opinions are divided about silicones in skin care products and drying out the skin. I certainly don't want them in my care products. If only because they are not good for the environment. And probably harmful to your organs.

Tips for at home

  • Ensure good humidity (45-50%). Using a special device. Or, for example, by placing a container with water in every room. Special containers are available for the heating to put water in. Clean these regularly. The heat in the container is ideal for bacteria.
  • Plants in your home also increase the humidity and purify the air.

Do you have questions, let them know !

(1) We are only allowed to show and sell Dr Baumann products behind a password screen, because advice before purchasing is important. Chat, call (062612815) or email ( if you want advice.