Detox your skin - winter safe

Are you also being attacked on all sides with juices or other detox cures to start the year off right? And do you want to, but don't you really feel like it? Good news! Detoxing can also be easier and with less suffering. Your skin will thank you: it feels softer and gets a healthier glow.

No cold juice cure in winter

In the colder winter months it is not advisable to do a cold juice cure or other intense(er) detox program. Your body needs energy to keep itself warm - especially now that many people's heating is a degree lower.

Do you still want to do a juice cure? Then make sure your juices are at body temperature. And alternate juices with warm broth or soup. This way you ensure that your body can keep itself warm.

Responsible winter detox - from the inside out

You can do intermittent fasting in the winter months. And all other months of the year. It means that you don't eat for a connected period of time in a day, to give your body & digestive organs a rest. This method fits our 'primal roots'. We used to not eat all day long.

A commonly used method is, for example, to have your last meal of a day at 8 pm. And the next one no earlier than 7 o'clock in the morning. You have not eaten anything for 16 hours. But there are also other methods. Read more about this in the ultimate guide to intermittent fasting from

The scientific database PubMed contains a whole series of articles describing the benefits of intermittent fasting. Below are links to some:

  • Improving neural autophagy - your cells clean up unnecessary and damaged parts. [1]
  • Cardiometabolic Benefits [2]
  • Weight Loss [3]
  • Metabolic Effects [4]

Time between your meals

Preferably divide your meals over a maximum of 3 eating moments. With 4.5 hours between each meal. This way your stomach is empty when you start the next meal. And it can build a protective layer of gastric mucosa. This also boosts the production of cell and tissue repairing growth hormones.

Real food & enjoyment

It's not hard to imagine that your body & skin are happier with real food during the hours you eat. But occasionally sinning is okay! Then enjoy it,

  • Fresh food, lots of fresh (seasonal) vegetables, sufficient fruit, sufficient healthy fats (such as coconut fat and olive oil).
  • As few bags and packages as possible. Avoid refined sugars, unhealthy (trans) fats and dark brown baked foods as much as possible.

That can be really tasty! And not complicated at all. You can find a variety of recipes online.

Sin in its time

You really don't have to leave everything that is officially less healthy! Don't feel guilty if you eat a delicious pastry, piece not at least 70% dark chocolate or snack. Eat mindfully and enjoy it. If you don't, it will work against you. For example, use the 80/20 percent rule. 80 percent healthy and 20 percent of whatever you fancy whether it's healthy or not.

In Tokyo I saw a variety of examples of 'small indulgence' & 'attention to food'; chocolates or cookies for sale by the piece was quite common. You don't eat on the go, but while sitting with full attention to what you eat. Just out of respect for the person who prepared it.

Detox your skin - from the outside

If you want to give your skin a complete boost, give it a few days of rest from the outside. Even 2 or 3 days will help. Do you like it? Then make it a routine and have a 'Clean Skin Day' one day a week.

  • Use a minimum of cosmetic products, including make-up, during these day(s).
  • Start your Detox with an extra cleansing and detoxifying boost for your skin. With the Enzyme Peeling Mask and the Green Detox Mask from Abloom Skincare. The first provides a natural mild peeling due to the enzymes from papaya and pineapple in the mask. The Green Detox Mask detoxifies your skin and boosts your immune system. Both also available as separate sachets.
  • Gently cleanse your skin in the morning and evening. For example with the SkinIdent Facial Cleanser from Dr Baumann. This contains only 100% skin ingredients. Or Abloom's Purifying Cleanser .
  • Don't use anything else. No makeup either.
  • If this is not due to work or appointments, apply a mild natural serum after cleansing, such as a Liposome from Dr. Baumann or the Hydrating Toner from Abloom . And then only a pure mineral powder foundation , natural mascara and possibly a pure lipstick .
  • A good time to go through your cosmetics products. Now that your skin is nice and refreshed and clean. Check your cosmetics for ingredients & choose pure for your skin if you don't already. (or let me do an ingredient check - it's my hobby ;-))
  • Ingredients that your skin doesn't like cause you to produce free radicals. These accelerate skin aging. Unfortunately, there are also a variety of cosmetic ingredients that are skin irritating, endocrine disrupting or even carcinogenic. Or damage your outer protective layer of skin.

Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!