Sunday Brush

Natural Sunscreen SPF 50

New stock is on its way. Sunday Brush is a handy 100% natural sunscreen for your face in powder form... lees meer
New stock is on its way. Sunday Brush is a handy 100% natural sunscreen for your face in powder form... lees meer

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100% natural & organic ingredients
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New stock is on its way. Sunday Brush is a handy 100% natural sunscreen for your face in powder form with SPF 50. It offers your skin daily protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. The mineral sun powder protects against both skin burns and premature skin aging. In 4 shades. For everyone. Also men and children.

  • Easy to use: silky soft self-dosing brush.
  • Handy to take with you.
  • Works immediately after application.
  • Works for a long time. Very water resistant.
  • Evens out and mattifies your complexion. With a natural look. You hardly notice that you have powder on your face.
  • No white cast.
  • 100% natural and very pure; without chemicals
  • No clogged pores. Does not irritate even very (allergy) sensitive skin.
  • Doesn't run into your eyes with perspiration.
  • Reduces redness of rosacea and couperosis.
  • Dermatologically tested. Hypoallergenic.
  • Zinc and Titanium oxide (non nano) provide natural protection against both UVA and UVB radiation (SPF 50).
  • Animal testing free, vegan.
  • Fragrance free, silicone free, paraben free, nano free, filler free.

Content: 6 gr. With intensive daily use (apply every 2 hours) sufficient for 3-4 months

NB Many people have to get used to using powder as sun protection. But if they give it time, they are very enthusiastic.

When people are just starting to use the brush, we sometimes get questions about whether the brush is producing enough powder. In terms of use, you need a little patience. Then you notice that there is indeed enough powder coming out of the brush. In the beginning, the powder should still spread in the bristles of the brush.

Note: Clean the brush regularly. If you use it over other products at least once a week. To ensure that the powder continues to come out of the bottle properly. Grease and oil from other products can cause blockage. See the video + explanation below how to clean.

Choose your shade

See also the photos of the Sunday Brush with powder tint. And the photo with Medium and Tan spread on a white paper.

Note: You can determine the undertone of your skin by looking at the inside of your wrist. There you see a pinkish, yellowish or olive undertone. Or a blend. Then see which tone predominates.
  • Light: for people who burn quickly and do not tan. With a very light skin tone. Sometimes with freckles. And often very blond or red hair. And light eyes. The Light has a pink undertone. Also suitable for children with light to very light skin.
  • Medium: fair skin with a yellow undertone . Burns quickly, but does turn (light) brown. Suitable for skin with a warm undertone. If your skin looks a bit yellowish or faded, next to a white paper, medium is the most suitable shade. These people often have (dark) blond hair. And gray, green or blue eyes.
  • Tan: Has a red undertone . Suitable for skin with a cool undertone. If your skin appears rosy, pink, or bluish red, you have a cool undertone. This skin burns less quickly and tans easily. Often these people have dark blond or brown hair and rather dark eyes.
  • Dark: for the people with brown or dark brown skin . This skin rarely burns and tans easily. Often these people have dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes.

Test by Jeanine

+/+ Easy to use. +/+ You don't feel you have anything on your skin. +/+ Stays on for a long time. +/+ Nice combination, possibly with Hynt loose powder foundation or a liquid foundation without SPF, but with more shades. First the Sunday Brush, then Hynt foundation. Or first liquid foundation and then Sunday Brush.

-/- The (Tan) shade was fine, but not quite my foundation shade yet. I applied my tint (INIKA) powder foundation over the Sunday Brush. Which was a great combo by the way!

Note: because the shade melts so easily with your skin, people sometimes think that no powder comes out of the brush. In that case, check whether you have done the 'start-up' - see video below - correctly. And a lot of possibly the brush on a white piece of paper. Then you normally see that colored powder comes out.


Silica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Jojoba Esters, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil. (+/-: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).

Fact: Zinc Oxide has an antibacterial effect and can reduce skin irritation.


The Sunday Brush powder sunscreen is convenient to use and easy to apply. Check the video how to activate the brush before first use.

Preparation for first time use

  1. Remove the cap from the brush and slide the sleeve down around the brush.
  2. Remove the rubber band (for first use).
  3. Hold the brush with the bristles down.
  4. Tap the brush on your other hand, so that the powder in the brush gets a 'push' towards the brush.
  5. Tap until the powder comes through the bristles. This may take a while. You will see the powder appear in the center of the brush.
  6. Press the brush with the bristles against the back of your hand, so that the bristles are separated. And make circular movements with the brush until the powder comes on your hand. This way you check whether enough powder comes out of the brush.
  7. Then check the powder in the brush by running your thumb over the bristles. A powder cloud should then visibly form. So that you can be sure that you are applying enough powder to your face. Your brush is ready for use.


  1. Apply the powder generously and evenly to your face, neck and decollete using small circular movements. The circular movements ensure that the powder can spread well in the brush.
  2. Continue this until you reach the desired coverage.
  3. After applying, slide the sleeve back up over the brush bristles and place the cap on the brush.

Additional tips

  1. Apply before going out into the sun.
  2. It is easiest to apply on well-moisturized skin.
  3. Repeat every two hours throughout the day.
  4. Repeat after 80 minutes of swimming or heavy perspiration. Or immediately after drying.
  5. Consult a physician when using on children under 6 months.

To clean

  1. It is advisable to clean the brush at least once a week.
  2. Apply some alcohol or a make-up brush cleaner with alcohol to a clean tissue.
  3. Gently wipe the bristles of the brush over the surface of the tissue.
  4. Wait for the bristles to dry and slide the sheath up over the bristles. Place the cap on the brush.
  5. Do not use soap and water, as they may leak into the brush, making the powder wet.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Persoonlijk vind ik de lipstick goed maar te mat van kleur. Er zit wel een glans in de dop die je erover heen kunt smeren, maar ik vind het fijner als de lipstick van zichzelf glanst.

    Danique Schellekens

    Komt er heel lastig uit

    Inmiddels gebruikt Danique naar aanleiding van onze tips haar Sunday Brush naar alle tevredenheid. Zie hier wat onze tips waren:

    Hi Danique, voor de zekerheid: heb je het filmpje op de productpagina in de webshop bekeken hoe de Sunday Brush 'op te starten'? Als je dit hebt gedaan, werkt deze normaliter goed.
    Het kan lijken of er weinig uitkomt, omdat de tint mooi blend met je huid. Breng eventueel nog een keer op de rug van je hand aan of op een wit papiertje. Normaliter zie je dan een mooie egale teint.

    Op het gezicht kan het lijken alsof er weinig product uit de brush komt. Dit komt omdat deze normaliter mooi blend met je huid. Er zit ook wat olie in het poeder om deze mooi aan te brengen, daardoor kan het ook lijken alsof er weinig uitkomt.

    Werkt dit nog niet, laat weten. Hartelijke groet, Jeanine

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