Anti Age Serum - hydrates, nourishes, renews (tri dosha)

Say goodbye to fine lines! A 100% active serum with gotu kola and chamea rose to intensively hydrate and rejuvenate... lees meer
Say goodbye to fine lines! A 100% active serum with gotu kola and chamea rose to intensively hydrate and rejuvenate... lees meer

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Geeft je huid energie, werkt verjongend en ondersteunt huidvernieuwing,
Rijk aan anti oxidanten die je huid beschermen en veroudering tegengaan. Brengen zuurstof naar je huidoppervlak, nodig voor een mooie teint en opbouw van je huid.
Of Liposome ATP - hydrateert je huid diep. En geeft deze nieuwe energie.
Vitamine B3. Voor een minder droge huid, met minder zichtbare fijne rimpeltjes. Versterkt je huidbarriere zodat je minder vocht verliest. En je huid beter beschermd is voor invloeden van buitenaf. Ontstekingsremmend en verzachtend, dus ook fijn bij acne, rosacea of rode vlekken.

Say goodbye to fine lines! A 100% active serum with gotu kola and chamea rose to intensively hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, your skin looks brighter, firmer and healthier.

  • A 100% active serum that moisturizes and rejuvenates deep into the skin.
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps firm the skin.
  • Supports the natural skin renewal process.
  • Intensively hydrates and oxygenates the skin.
  • Stimulates collagen production and skin construction
  • Provides skin cells with energy with Liposome ATP
Dosha: For Vata, Pitta and Kapha skin.

    Tip: Do you want to know which dosha type (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is most applicable to you? Take the test

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    Gently massage one or two pumps of the serum onto well-cleansed skin. Two pumps if you're including your neck. Preferably - for best results - after the Daily Repair Serum and before the Facial Oil or Face Cream . You can also blend the Anti-Age Serum with the Facial Oil and then apply it together.

    Shankara's five-step skincare routine - including Anti Age Serum:


    Ingredients highlighted

    • Structured, activated water
    • Algae extracts
    • Squalene - skin's own fat - protects the skin
    • Sodium Hyaluronate - super hydrating - can hold 1000 x its weight in water!
    • Niacinamide - vitamin B3 - helps build skin's protective layer, stimulates collagen production, fades pigmentation, shrinks pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps against acne, protects against sun damage

    All ingredients: Polysaccharide-Peptide composite; structured energized water; Glycerin (veg.); Squalane (Olive-derived); Vitamin C ester; microalgae extract; carbohydrate complex; Hydrolyzed Milk protein and Niacinamide; aspen bark extract; Hydrolyzed Algin and Chlorella Vulgaris Extract; Vitamin E Tocopherol; Vegetable derived sugars; Rose Absolute EO; Mandarin EO; Golden Flax extract; Echinacea Purpurea extract; Sandalwood EO; Sodium Hyaluronate; hibiscus extract; amla extract; Ashwagandha extract; Neem extract; Hydrogenated Lecithin; wheat protein extract; gotu kola extract; Kelp extract; Chamae Rose extract; Rosemary Extract; Aloe Barbadensis; Fulvic minerals; rose extract; Life Everlasting extract

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