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The renewed Loveli sunscreen SPF 30 without - or with very little white haze has been launched. Lubricates easily. 100%... lees meer
The renewed Loveli sunscreen SPF 30 without - or with very little white haze has been launched. Lubricates easily. 100%... lees meer

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Een was gemaakt van plantaardige oliën zoals kokosolie en ricinusolie (castorolie). Het zorgt voor de fijne textuur van de Sun cream en helpt een witte waas te voorkomen.
Is een conserveermiddel. Dat schimmels en schadelijke bacterien tegengaat. Komt van nature voor in o.a. blauwe bessen en cranberries. Wordt ook synthetisch nagemaakt. Kan huidirritatie geven. Mag daarom maar tot een bepaald % in een product voorkomen. Omdat het ook in foodproducten als conservering gebruikt wordt, is het aan te raden niet al te veel producten met sodium of natrium benzoate te gebruiken.
Vetzuren uit castorolie. Maakt de huid gladder, zachter en voorkomt vochtverlies. Het helpt de Sun cream beter smeerbaar te maken zodat de bescherming gelijkmatig op je huid wordt verdeeld.

The renewed Loveli sunscreen SPF 30 without - or with very little white haze has been launched. Lubricates easily. 100% natural.

Super soft sunscreen with SPF 30. With the natural UV filter zinc oxide, which protects your skin against skin aging (UV A) and against sunburn (UV B). Without white haze. 100% natural and 100% junk-free. Suitable for adults, children and babies from 6 months. For very small babies there is the Raw Elements Baby + Kids SPF30 or spray SPF50 .

  • Zinc oxide (non nano, uncoated) protects against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Suitable for everyone and every type of skin.
  • Suitable for your face and your body.
  • Coral friendly and waterproof.
  • SPF 30 means 30x longer in the sun without burning than if you didn't use a sunscreen.

100% natural, without white cast

A natural sunscreen is better for your body and the environment. But often gives a white haze, which you are not waiting for. Because who wants to look like a polar bear in the sun? This is due to the natural filter zinc oxide. This one is white in itself. It is the most beautiful UV filter, because it protects against both UV A (skin aging) and UV B (sunburn) by reflecting the sun like a mirror on your skin.

It has taken Loveli a lot of patience to make a sunscreen that is really 100% natural, not nano and yet does not give a white cast. Through endless testing and combining the right ingredients to make the cream as spreadable as possible, we have succeeded in making a sunscreen that ensures that the protection is perfectly distributed over the skin and does not leave a white cast.

Why natural instead of synthetic?

In the Baywatch days it might have been cool to have white stripes on your nose (really, it was cool once), but most people would rather look pretty than cool. And that is why the cosmetics industry invented the chemical (synthetic) UV filters that, instead of reflecting the UV rays on your skin, are absorbed into your skin, where they convert UV rays into heat. The problem of the white cast seemed to be completely solved until studies were made into the long-term effects of these chemical UV filters. Which showed that not all of them seemed to be so safe for your health, your hormones and the environment.


  • Apply well before going out into the sun and reapply every few hours. Avoid the bright midday sun. Too much sun is dangerous, even if you use sunscreen. Keep babies and small children out of the sun. Avoid contact with eyes and clothing.
  • You can simply apply your make-up over the Sun cream, but remember that the UV filter only works for a few hours.
  • The Loveli Sun cream works immediately and does not require any exposure time as with chemical UV filters.

Useful facts

  • This Sun cream is suitable for all ages, even for babies from 6 months.
  • The sunburn can leave stains on clothing. Let it soak in well before getting dressed.
  • Does not give a white cast.
  • Does not stick.
  • The sunscreen is waterproof. Re-apply after drying off or after being in the sea.
  • Water on your skin enhances the effect of UV radiation, which makes you burn faster.
  • pH neutral.
  • Vegan.
  • Also suitable for people with nut allergies.
  • Protects against UV A and UV B.
  • The packaging is made of sugar cane. When the tube is empty, you can throw it in its entirety with the plastic waste. Then it can be completely recycled.


INCI: Aqua (Water), Triheptanoin , Zinc Oxide (Uncoated, Non-Nano), Squalane (skin's own fat), Sorbitan Olivate (natural emulsifier made from olive oil), Propanediol (made from corn sugar - gives good spreadability, has an emollient effect), Bisabolol ( from chamomile, softens the skin), Magnesium Sulfate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Pongamia Pinnata (Karanje) Seed Extract (enhances the effect of zinc oxide), Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Gluconolactone*, Sodium Benzoate*, Calcium Gluconate*, Parfum ( Naturally)
* Natural Preservative

Triheptanoin A number of studies have shown that this ingredient may be questionable. But this largely depends on how it is produced. That sounds strange, but there is a difference. I have compared a whole list of Triheptanoins ;-). Loveli's is 100% natural. And approved as super safe for the skin by various authorities.

Triphetanoin is a skin emollient that makes a cream feel good on the skin. A good substitute for silicone. It is made from glycerin and heptanoic acid (a liquid with the consistency of an oil).

Loveli has had the ingredients checked by a very strict ingredient evaluator from Oxford. He indicated that the cream is mild enough to be used even by small children.

Only thing I still have is that it is indicated that it can be a weak water pollutant. Loveli indicates: "The Loveli Sun cream is a safe choice for aquatic life. That is why we are allowed to have the Positive Reef Initiative logo on our packaging."

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    Eva Follender
    Hele fijne zonnebrand!

    Deze zonnebrand, die heel fijn uitsmeert en geen witte waas achterlaat, gebruiken we met het hele gezin.

    Frederiek Bouland
    Goed product

    Als je goed uitsmeert zie je geen witte waas meer. Prima geur en kleine tube kan handig mee in je handtas.

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