A wonderful collaboration between Werfzeep & the art sector. While everyone washes their hands 'drowsy' with soap in connection with Corona, the art sector is almost killed. Werfzeep did not like to advertise their soaps that do not break your hands, but wash your hands gently, while so many companies are struggling (modest as they are).

This initiative is therefore great. You buy a poem by a famous Dutch or Flemish poet and get a nice Werf soap for clean soft hands! A wonderful mildly scented soap based on coconut, avocado and safflower oil.

The poem is printed in the wrapper of the soap. A poem of 20 seconds, exactly the time in which you wash your hands.

The soaps are so Limited Edition that we cannot sell them through the webshop. You can win one!

Win one of six soaps

We can give away six of these soaps! Do you also want to win such a wonderful soap?

  • Needed: a poem of up to 20 seconds made by you. With a random topic OR in which you close why you deserve one of the Wonder Beauty soaps.
  • Post a text message in response to our Instagram or Facebook post of the Werfzeep Special or a video with your poem. And tag #indishanl and #werfzeep.
  • You can submit until Sunday 4 April 20.00.
  • Sunday evening we will announce who won the six Werfzeep Wonderschoon soaps.

The poets behind these soaps

Rodan Al Galidi ; a well-known figure in the literary landscape who has many different collections of poetry to his name. And now also a wonderful soap wrapper! 

Dorien Dijkhuis ; prefers to read poetry aloud, she invites you to recite her poem to the image in the bathroom mirror.

Maud Vanhauwaert ; this Flemish poet strives to make poetry public, and now even enters your pores through the soap wrapper.

Read more about the origin of these soaps in Werfzeep's blog.

Why does Werfzeep wash your hands gently?

Werfzeep's soaps are made from pure and only saponified, cold-pressed oils + essential oils and plant and herbal extracts. As a result, the soap contains glycerin, among other things. A skin's own ingredient that is in the top layer of skin and ensures that your skin can attract and retain moisture. Factory-produced soaps usually contain no glycerine. Moreover, due to Werfzeep's traditional saponification process, remnants of the used oils remain in the soap. These take care of your hands.


The Wonderclean soaps contain the following ingredients:

Coconut oil*, olive oil*, sodium hydroxide^, water, cocoa butter*, neem oil*, safflower oil*, avocado oil*, orange essential oil*, lavandin essential oil*, cedar essential oil, castor oil*, star anise essential oil*, elemi resin, petitgrain essential oil*, charcoal , annatto seed extract.

INCI (same as the packaging, international naming): cocos nucifera oil*, olea europaea fruit oil*, sodium hydroxide^, aqua, theobroma cacao butter*, *, melia azadirachta seed oil*, parfum◊, persea gratissima oil*, ricinus communis oil*, bixa orellana seed extract, charcoal powder, linalool°, farnesol°, geraniol°, d-limonene°.

* of certified organic origin, ^ turns oil into soap, not present in final product, 100% organic essential oils, ° natural component of essential oil.