Why natural cosmetics

What is Natural Cosmetics?

INDISHA specializes in natural, pure cosmetics products. These are mainly (and even better: completely!) composed of natural components, such as herbs, flowers and plants. Such make-up and care products are also called organic when they partly consist of 'wildcrafted' ingredients. Such components can be found in untouched nature, such as sea salt or Himalayan salt. Organic cosmetics are made from organically grown ingredients.

Sustainable cosmetics

Traditional cosmetic products regularly contain ingredients that are harmful to your health or harmful to the environment. Natural cosmetics meet the highest quality requirements and rules, with strict attention to whether production is sustainable and respectful of the environment. And no animal suffering caused. Also read whether natural cosmetics are better for your skin.

Vegetable, vegan makeup

Ingredients of animal origin are used as little as possible in the production of pure cosmetics. Also, no tests or tests on animals may have been carried out during the production process. Many natural cosmetics are therefore vegan. Some of the products do use beeswax, honey or components thereof. INDISHA likes to talk about the origin and production of cosmetics when describing products.

Highest quality requirements

All products INDISHA sells meet these high quality standards. They only contain ingredients that are good for people and the environment. Ingredients are harvested/picked organically, biodynamically or 'in the wild' as much as possible. Where possible and relevant, the ingredients have been purchased on a fair trade basis. Packaging material is as sustainable as possible.

Quality mark for pure cosmetics

There are ten quality marks for natural cosmetics in Europe alone, each with their own guidelines. Read more about it in our Natural Cosmetics FAQ . Some of our brands are not organically certified, because they think the quality marks are not strict enough. These products consist of a composition of organic and 'wildcrafted' ingredients. The qualification 'organic certified' allows the product to still contain 5% synthetic preservatives. Producers such as Abloom, Dr. Baumann, Saar and Dr. Hauschka go much further and make high-quality, long-life products, using only pure, natural ingredients. Without synthetic preservatives. These companies do not always have an organic label, because they feel that the labels do not go far enough, or because certification is too expensive for a smaller brand. They only use organic (certified) and natural ingredients. INDISHA always checks the reliability and integrity of a producer. And only works with a cosmetics manufacturer if the products meet our strict purity requirements.