Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 2001
  • Komt uit: USA


Ayurvedic Inspired Naturals. 
The Shankara care line is a combination of ancient Eastern Ayurvedic wisdom and modern Western knowledge and techniques. Inspired by international humanitarian leader and spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Founder of the Arf of Living Foundation and award winning Sri Sri University.

A pioneer in this field since 2001, Shankara develops products and treatments that work on a physical, mental and emotional level. So that your inner and outer beauty get a boost. With success, the line is now a favorite of renowned hotels and luxury cruise ships. All products are 100% natural and result-oriented.

Doshas and skin type
Shankara's skin care is based on the 3 Ayurvedic 'doshas' and corresponding skin type: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Do you want to know which skin type you have? Take the test on the Shankara site . Even without knowing your type, practice shows that you usually intuitively like / like the smell of those products that best suit your skin.

How pure is the line?
Shankara is 100% natural and uses non-sprayed, organic ingredients and ingredients from untouched nature. Herbs used are hand-picked. She does not use synthetic preservatives or other chemical ingredients. All products respect the natural PH balance of your skin. The Shankara line is not tested on animals.

What makes the Shankara products special?
The fact that the line is Ayurvedic and does not use synthetic preservatives (which is the case with many other pure Ayurvedic brands). Also the use of 'structured' water, which ensures that active ingredients are absorbed more easily and deeper into the skin. And use of gold, rhodium and iridium that give your skin a boost and ensure a more effective effect of other ingredients.

Other interesting facts - Make the world a better place. 
Shankara was founded for the International Association for Human Values ​​(IAHV Foundation). After a core group of people, who became Shankara's founders, got inspired by the good work the organization is doing.

Shankara wants to make the world a better place, together with her partners and users of her line. Therefore 100% of net profit is donated to humanitarian causes.

Curious about using Shankara's face line? View the five-step care plan: