Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1979
  • Chi:Chi
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichter: Ton Beljon

Chi - Natural Life

Chi Natural Life Chi Natural Life is a specialist in aromatherapy. She wants to raise awareness of the positive effect of natural products on health. The chi products promote the natural balance between body and mind and provide more Chi, life energy!

How Pure Is Chi?
Very pure. Chi develops and sells honest, 100% pure natural products with guaranteed quality. These health products are produced organically as much as possible and with a European organic quality mark . Recognizable by the green flag with European stars on it.

All over the world, Chi selects as many organic oils as possible and works with the most recent harvests, directly from the farmer or producer. All ingredients used are verified whether they are eco, grown or from untouched nature. Chi is affiliated with SKAL, a controlling and independent body for organic quality products. All Chi products are not tested on animals. Tested on humans, not animals!

The specialists behind Chi

Ellen Wagenaar is one of the most experienced aromatherapists in the Netherlands. Ellen is a certified aromatherapist, beautician and teacher. In addition to aromatherapy, she has specialized in many other therapies and massages, including gemstone massage.

drs. Harmen Rijpkema is a medical anthropologist, aromatherapist and author of many articles and several books on aromatherapy, including the Aromecum. With more than 35 years of experience in aromatherapy, he gives various courses and training on this special theme.

drs. Tony Beljon has almost 30 years of experience in the development of natural products for the general health of humans and animals. He is particularly fascinated by man's natural ability to recover. That is why he initiates and sponsors in particular research, both empirical and scientific, of the application possibilities of aromatherapy in promoting health.

Other interesting facts
The Chinese are the discoverers of the essence or life force of plants and call it Chi. This symbolism can be found in the Chi logo and on most packaging as part of the geometric flower of life: 'the flower of life'. The flower of life is an ancient and positive symbol. Images of this have been found all over the world. Often in religious places, in Egyptian and Indian temples and even Leonardo da Vinci drew these. It is said that this symbol has a healing effect. This flower of life has been linked to the Chi health products since 2000.

Chi International makes a minimum of 3% of its profit available each year to sponsor further scientific research into aromatherapy, care projects with aromatherapy and for projects of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).