Less dry skin? Drink bulk!

Today I had an interesting workshop about dry skin. One topic I'd like to share with you: the benefits of bulk drinking over drinking little bits throughout the day. To be sure; we are talking about bulk drinking of water or herbal teas here. Not about bottles of wine or liters of coffee. Read on to find out what this can do for dry skin.

Why prefer bulk drinking?

I have already talked about the why of dry skin and what you can do about it in the 'First aid for dry skin' blog. There I already mentioned the importance of drinking 1.5 - 2 liters a day. It now appears that we are better off drinking 3 large glasses in a row three times a day than drinking glasses of water or herbal tea all day long. Why is this?

After we eat or drink something, our immune system goes on edge for a while. This is an ancient mechanism of our body to eliminate any unwanted intruders that threaten to enter through our food or drink. When we drink something this happens even more than when we eat something. Because from evolution, the chance that we ingested pollution through the water we drank was greater than through food.

If you drink little bits throughout the day, your immune system will always come into action. Which can eventually make it weaker. And a weaker immune system ensures that your body has too little energy to transport the right substances to the skin to ensure that it can produce enough fats to keep your skin's outer protective layer intact. Which makes it more difficult to retain moisture. Result: drier skin.

Bulk drinking - very natural

Just look at nature. There you also see that animals drink in one go until they are satiated and not small sips throughout the day. Do you have a dog or a cat? Then you see this up close. They also don't drink small amounts all day long, but often a whole bowl at once.

In between meals

Don't drink bulk during a meal! This is not good for your digestion. Moreover, minerals, vitamins and other healthy substances from your diet are less well absorbed because you immediately 'flush' them.

I must say that when I do office work I have two thermos flasks of hot water with ginger and turmeric next to me, from which I drink throughout the day. As warm water or with herbal tea. The benefit of bulk drinking mentioned in today's workout is also new to me. I'm gonna try it out. That will really take some getting used to!

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