One of the bestsellers from the Aromatherapy line of perfume house Florascent. Ready for use. Already diluted in the right proportion with alcohol and water.

The basis of this spray is Italian Bergamot oil. Obtained by cold pressing the skins of the fruit. (Citrus family).

Bergamot is known for its mood-enhancing and vitalizing effect


  • Spray the fragrance into your palms or wrists
  • Fold your hands in a cup in front of your nose & mouth and breathe in and out slowly for five counts.
  • Give yourself a moment to rest, close your eyes and enjoy the effect of the fragrance.
  • You can use the aroma spray at any time of the day.
  • Also nice to use during a head, neck or foot massage.
  • Or to make your living space smell nice. Then spray the scent a number of times in the air, until the desired scent intensity.

Enjoy it!

Aromatherapy is part of herbal medicine. Controlled applied essential oils have a strengthening effect on your health. And have a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

The Aromasprays from Florascent are ready-to-use aromatherapeutic sprays. Due to the optimal ratio of essential oil, alcohol and water.

The safe usage concentration of Florascent's aroma sprays allows you to apply it directly to your skin.


(INCI): Alcohol, Water, Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia. Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral.